Class Prices

Drop in: $8 all day, everyday

5 class card: $38 expires after 3 months

10 class card: $70 expires after 6 months

Monthly Unlimited: $85

Unlimited Monthly Membership with 3 month contract: $60 per month

*all purchases are available for use at both TPY locations

Membership Terms:

Contract period: Please note, the initial time commitment for the membership is 3 months after which you may cancel at anytime. If you do not cancel after the first 3 months the automatic payments will continue to be deducted until you ask for the membership to be canceled. If you would like to cancel, it is required to notify us 2 weeks in advance of your next monthly payment with a written request to Excepting special circumstances, refunds will not be given if you decide to cancel after a payment has been already been deducted.

Vacation/Suspension: You can suspend your membership if you plan to take a vacation. It is required that you notified the studio by email ( at least 2 weeks in advance.

Unused Time: There is no refund for unused time on memberships, and there are no extensions. Once you sign up it is your responsibility to use the membership to your satisfaction, or else cancel. Those who are uncertain about their ability to commit should consider buying 5-Class Pass or 10-Class Pass instead of a membership.