Matt Nelson

Cultivating the Eternal Sunrise: A New Year’s Day All Levels Yoga Class with Matt Nelson

Celebrate 2016 with your TPY community with a two hour vinyasa practice!!

Set your intention and walk gracefully into the New Year with asana, pranayama and meditation. Stoke the fire through strong vinyasa flow while we savor time playing with hip-openers, salutations, standing poses, inversions, backbends and arm-balances.

Let’s cultivate reflection, love and joy with one another for an abundant year.

Cost: $22, 10% TPY member discount

Held at our Mississippi Location: 855 N Failing St.

About Matt Nelson

My first entry into movement, breath and spiritual inquiry began in 1995 when I started practicing Chi Gung with my father. While my practice was intermittent for eight years, it provided a foundation that I have built upon throughout my adult life. In 2003 I decided to make the transition from Chi Gung to Yoga, stepped into my first class, and fell in love immediately. In 2006 I was asked to teach my first Yoga class, an opportunity I appreciate every day.

My classes focus on mindful, breath-centered Yoga poses as we learn to move with proper alignment, grace, flexibility, strength, intuition and mindfulness. More than anything, my intention is to honor these practices by strengthening the body, softening the heart and culturing both compassion and humility.