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Diversity Training for Yoga Teachers

This weekend training recognizes and promotes the potential of yoga– both yogic teachings and practices– to create a just and fair world, both individually and culturally. The very Yamas of the eight limbs of yoga direct us to non-violence, integrity, non-greed, non-stealing, and moderation and focusing of our energy.

As yoga teachers, we are asked and expected to hold a lot– the hearts, souls and bodies of anyone who walks through our doors– and we are often not equipped to skillfully acknowledge, hold, and heal the dynamics of difference that are inevitably present in the room. In this training, we will plunge deeply into an exploration of who we are individually, how our identities inform our experiences and teaching, how we may unconsciously participate in dynamics of oppression, and how we can consciously show up in practices of alliance within the yoga classroom.

Using yogic philosophies, self-reflection, social justice frameworks, and activities, we will deeply explore what it takes to truly hold spaces for people with diverse identities, backgrounds, and bodies to feel welcomed in the practice of yoga. We will examine our own identities and biases, consider skillful language and action, and learn more about language and actions which may be harmful to different communities that we may not have been exposed to before. This is a moment to dig deep, sharpen our awareness, and broaden our hearts, for the benefit of all students who may walk through the doors to our classrooms, who deserve to be held well. This training, either the whole weekend or the individual workshops, is for anyone who wants more tools, for anyone who has messed up or hurt someone, for anyone who feels unseen, dismissed, or injured in the yoga classroom.

Cost: $250/whole weekend or per section, as listed

This training presented in cooperation with the Sola School of Contemplative Arts.

Held at our NE 2nd Studio: 5428 NE 30th Ave.

Friday:  7-9 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am – 12:15 pm & 2:30 – 5:30 pm