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From Narrowness to Spaciousness: The Yoga of the Passover Story

The Passover story follows the Israelites journey from bondage to freedom. While today we are not literally in bondage, there are many ways in which we keep ourselves stuck. In this workshop we will use the themes of the Passover holiday to examine through yoga, breathing, meditation, journaling, and discussion, the ways in which we hold ourselves back from our true potential and how we can begin to make more spaciousness for that potential to grow. This workshop is for yoga students of all levels, of all faith or non-faith backgrounds.
Cost: $25 member, $30 non member
Held at our SE Location:  4210 SE Belmont St. 

About Rachel Stern

Rachel Stern (RYT*) began studying yoga at age 2, took a 20ish year break, and rediscovered the joys of a consistent yoga practice over the past 13 years. She received her 200-hour teacher certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and completed a year long teaching apprenticeship yoga at Amrita, in Portland, Oregon.

Rachel believes that yoga is an inquiry into the body, encouraging students to experiment with movement and breath to unlock the inner wisdom of the body and spirit. She continues to practice a variety of styles, but believes that the best yoga you can practice is the yoga that feels good in your body. Rachel encourages students to challenge themselves while being mindful and respectful of their personal limitations.

Her classes blend clear alignment with joyous fun, and will invite you to take your yoga practice off of your mat and into your daily life.

*Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance