Sitting meditation with Sarah

Meditation 101

This 4 week series is for those curious about meditation but not sure where to begin, sporadic meditators who are seeking a more consistent practice, and anyone looking to sit in a supportive environment. Each week we will ground our attention in our bodies, explore simple guided meditation instructions, spend time in silent meditation, and have space for a brief check-in afterwards. The meditation technique guiding the practice is breath-based samatha (concentration) practice from the Vipassana/Insight tradition. All experience levels and belief systems are welcomed.
Cost: $40
Location: NE 30th
Time: 7-8AM
Dates: Sept. 22nd, 29th, Oct. 6th and 13th

About Marianne Tanner

Marianne’s relationship with yoga began with her first class in 2000, and like every good relationship, it has grown stronger and more committed with time.

She completed her teacher training at Red Door Yoga in Orlando, Florida in 2004, and has been teaching ever since. Upon moving to Portland in 2005, her practice and teaching have continued to evolve and deepen. Marianne is grateful to be a part of such a rich yoga community, and in particular for her study with Lisa Mae Osborn. In 2010, Marianne left full-time work as a librarian so that she could spend more time teaching and learning. She is continually challenged, moved, humbled, saved and inspired by these practices, and in turn loves sharing yoga and mindfulness practices with others.

Marianne is most interested in how the practices of yoga allow us to be more fully human and embodied, more connected to ourselves and the world around us, and more spacious and whole. Her classes combine a clear, steady and sweet combination of feeling, breath, alignment and mindfulness.