MyoFascial Release with Krystyn

Using simple props and a pair of tennis balls, Krystyn will guide participants through a 2-hour practice including relevant science, variations, modifications, and therapeutic applications. Attendees will learn to release tension throughout the body following myofascial lines and meridians, lengthening and softening fascial adhesions. This workshop blends trigger point release, fascial release, restorative elements of yoga, and simple breath-based mindfulness.Take home materials will be provided so you can continue your practice at home, anytime.
Held at our N Mississippi location: 855 N Failing St
Cost: $35 Including Materials To Take Home
10% TPY Member Discount

About Krystyn Strother

Krystyn’s yoga training and teaching range from Vinyasa to Restorative and many styles in between. Strongly informed and inspired by the anatomy and physiology of the body ​she is known for providing students a straightforward and experiential practice based in anatomy and functional movement that can be translated in everyday activities off the mat​.

In addition to her regularly scheduled classes, Krystyn guest teaches at several yoga teacher training programs throughout the country, speaks at conferences on mindfulness and stress reduction practices, teaches specialized workshops, facilitates yoga + adventure retreats, and conducts continuing education classes for currently registered RYTs.

Krystyn Louise Strother is the former program director at HUSH Meditation, strategic designer/author of the HUSH meditation curriculum, is a certified meditation instructor, co-founder of NOMAD, “Adventures in Wellness”, and yoga instructor. Krystyn’s desire to study and teach propelled her into a life of travel, and eventually, making Mexico a place she called home. She has led workshops, guided adventures, and inspired thousands of people to search for something deeper in their lives.