Sun Salutations Workshop w/ Kris Olson

In this two hour workshop we will pull apart The Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. These movements are a fundamental seed to many styles of yoga. Sun salutations have a lot to teach us about the practice itself but are not often broken down and taught outright. We will outline each pose and transition using drishti (gaze), breath, movement and stillness. Learn how to modify safely when you are focusing on building strength, recovering from injury or looking to add more complexity to the salute.

Come as a total beginner or an experienced practitioner.

Cost: $25
10% Early Bird Discount until March 4th
TPY Member Discount Applies

Held in our SE Belmont Studio:  4210 SE Belmont St. 

About Kris Olson

Kris Olson has been teaching in Portland for seven years and is passionate about helping people lay the foundation for their path of lifelong yoga practice. She considers yoga her finest teacher.