Teaching Shoulderstand for Yoga Teachers w/ Todd Jackson

Teaching Shoulderstand for Yoga Teachers

Shoulderstand (sarvangasana) restores a stressed nervous system, cures physical depletion, and heals the emotional body. Bring this tremendously beneficial pose to your students, safely, with care, competence and confidence.

What you will learn…

  • The flexibility and functional movement requirements for shoulderstand and which poses can bring these to your students.
  • How to assess a student’s neck and shoulder scenario and configure props to support that scenario for safe, long-term practice.
  • How to develop your eye to spot and rectify common shoulderstand hazards.
  • A progression of sarvangasana alternatives, from supine to the full pose, so you can share the most appropriate version for each student, ensuring everyone receives the benefit of shoulderstand in a way that honors their current flexibility and musculoskeletal integrity.
  • Recommended strategies for lesson plans which gradually train your student base to find success in sarvangasana.

*This workshop is only for teachers who have completed their 200 hour YTT or who are currently enrolled in a teacher training program.

*No membership discounts

* Held at our NE 30th location, 5428 NE 30th

About Todd Jackson

Todd Jackson guides students to balance the sensations of weight distribution, directional movement and tissue resiliency within. Known for his sequencing skills and sophisticated hands-on adjustments, Todd catalyzes students’ inner-body integration. Teaching classes, workshops, retreats and advanced studies courses since 1997, Todd has presented over 7,000 hours of innovative and grounded content inspired by long term studies with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, senior Iyengar instructors at The Yoga Room in Berkeley.