Teaching Yoga with a Trauma-Informed Lens

In this interactive workshop for yoga instructors and serious students, we will explore how teaching with a trauma-informed lens can accommodate and address the unique physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual impacts of trauma, while nourishing a trauma survivor’s capacity to remain present in class. Given the pervasive levels of trauma within our society, many students who attend public yoga classes carry the residue of trauma within their shape and may be more vulnerable to being re-traumatized or triggered in this context. Understanding how a student with a history of trauma might relate to the teacher and class can enhance your ability to create a space where survivors can incrementally practice presence, listen to the language of their body, and experience the healing power of yoga.

The instructor draws from a combination of direct experience, professional work, and academic research, enabling her to attest to both the potential vulnerabilities and the inherent resilience of this population. Participants will learn about the spectrum of traumatic events/experiences and explore a variety of perspectives on trauma theory as well as key principles to deliver trauma-informed yoga practices. The training will be delivered in a manner that is inclusive of survivors of trauma – creating a unique space for participants to gain clarity around how their own process of healing can serve as a resource in their teaching.

Whether you seek to offer classes specifically for survivors of trauma or you simply desire additional tools to make appropriate modifications within your public classes, this training will provide you with awareness, tools, and options for creating a more trauma-informed space. The workshop includes a trauma-informed yoga practice.

Cost: $100, 10% TPY member discount

9AM-4PM with a 1 hour lunch break

Held at our NE 30th location: 5428 NE 30th Ave

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