The Ethics of Yoga with Meghan Maris

Our relationships with the people and the environment which surround us becomes a direct reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Within the laws of cosmic harmony it is believed that if we hurt another person we, in fact, hurt ourselves. And when we help others, we help ourselves. On one hand, there must be recognition, respect, and a celebration of diversity. On the other hand, the yogi embraces the oneness of all things on all levels of existence. In this way, intentional or ethical living is a path that leads us from diversity to unity.
True intentional living is an offering of oneself as a contribution to the well-being of the whole world. With each step on the path, we understand deeper dimensions within ourselves. These insights give us inspiration, strength, and faith to stay on course. Choosing the ethical or spiritual path requires great strength. Our commitment to upholding these principles bestows an abundance of vitality, peace, and lasting joy. Join Meghan to discuss and explore the questions of the ethics of yoga as presented by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

Cost: $35

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Held at our Mississippi Location: 855 N Mississippi

About Meghan Maris

I am very intrigued by the relationship of our inner workings and how they influence our outer experience. I use the body, breath, mind, and yoga philosophy as modalities to explore this relationship. In the practice of yoga asana, I like to build the structure of the postures from the ground up. Through years of study and practice of various pranayama techniques, the breath is an essential component in the classes I facilitate. I teach because the practice of yoga has the potential to promote the clarity of mind to live life with a deeper understanding of who we, softening our rigidity and expanding our ability to be more compassionate, loving, and accountable to ourselves and others. I believe that a sense of humor is a necessary ingredient for this alchemic process!