Trail at Big Bear Camp
Suniti headshot in park

The People’s Yoga Campout

PREPARING FOR THE ECLIPSE: Centering and expanding  


Join Tahni Holt and Suniti Dernovsek for a summer camping retreat near Eugene Oregon. We engage with practices of various somatic and improvisational techniques that draws attention to embodied experience and highlights individual’s process. 

Together we will:

  • Camp in a beautiful location
  • Enjoy 4 vibrant meals by Eatin’ Alive.
  • Receive meditation and movement instruction
  • Come together in community for support and conversation
  • Relish in free time to walk in the woods or sit in a hammock

We explore new and old forms of movement as a way to reveal our preferences and habitual behaviors. Asana is a doorway into open responsiveness. Yet if the form becomes rigid we limit our ability to make contact with the freshness of the moment. If presence is the ability to differentiate one moment from another can we enliven our asana through new practices of movement, sensing, creativity and intention? 

We are brave. We gather in retreat and attend to the beautiful natural environment surrounding Big Bear Camp. We take this time to activate a deeper sense of presence. And although the retreat is outside of our everyday lives, through an accumulation of material and time, what is offered is integrated into ourselves and enriches our lives as much away from retreat as within.

  • Participants have the opportunity to stay Sunday night for the Eclipse on Monday
  • Delicious food included! Prepared by the amazing Eatin’ Alive.

Cost: $298 per person


About Suniti Dernovsek

I have been a student of dance, yoga and Buddhism for 20 years and I’ve been teaching since 2004. I teach a warm and generous style of movement that is influenced by my interest in contemporary and classical dance forms, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness. I bring my love of movement, fondness of detail and my own understanding of practice into my teaching.

About Tahni Holt

Tahni Holt is a teacher, choreographer and artistic director based in Portland, OR., who has been teaching and creating performances for the past nineteen years. Her creative practice follows her curiosities by asking questions that demand rigorous specificity yet remain open to a terrain of inquiry – inviting rather than prescribing interpretation.  Tahni actively uses her intuition, improvisational forms, collaborations with her students and performers, her ongoing somatic practice, and any other thing that she obsesses about, to teach and create work.

Tahni has taught throughout the United States through numerous private institutions as well as guest artist teaching at Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, The University of Oregon and The Univeristy of Alaska. Holt is founder and director of Portland’s newest dance center, FLOCK. FLOCK is a dance center for movement exploration, creation and artistic practice, dedicated to Portland’s contemporary and experimental dance artists.