Alison Alstrom

Yoga Practice Lab – Summercamp!

The Yoga Practice Lab is a place to develop and own the skills you learn in your regular classes. At lab you will be guided by an experienced and alignment savvy instructor in the company of other committed students. Developed and led by Alison Alstrom, the practice lab is a place of focused learning, where students and teacher practice together to share the challenges and rewards of steady dedicated work on the mat.

Alison will provide the sequence and call out the poses, but this Lab is led rather than tinstructed per se, although Q&A is welcome and encouraged .The sessions are focused and sequenced around a specific pose or family of poses, and will be develloped as we go to address the specific needs and desires of the students in the group.

Cost: $102 for the whole series or a $22 drop in

About Alison Alstrom

The practice of Yoga can empower you.

I made a commitment to yoga in the year 2000, and have lived it since. My mission as a teacher is to guide you toward an ever deepening understanding of your capacity to thrive on every level, and to support you as you step fully into that capacity, one pose at a time”

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