Ati Donoso

I grew up in an Ashram, where Bhakti Yoga was the foundation. Since an early age I was exposed to a disciplined lifestyle that ingrained in me, practices such as mindfulness, service and kindness.

I traveled the world as a missionary from age 10 to 20, serving communities in India, Bangladesh, and throughout Europe and South America. Helping people find peace and a sense of belonging with the practice of Bhakti Yoga.

Seven years ago, it became very clear to me that I had a natural gift in assisting others to heal, to connect with themselves from a loving and nonjudgmental place and decided to put that into practical service by taking the YTT in summer of 2010. Ever since I’ve engage in multiple courses such as C.E.S (Cancer Exercise Specialist) and mentorships to satisfy my constant desire for growth and knowledge.

My teaching style is intuitive and organic, lending my students space to be authentic in their own experience of learning to be present in their own bodies.

I am a firm believer that yoga can transform our lives if we simply keep showing up, exactly as we are. If every time we step off our mats we can feel more, love more and connect more with yourself and others, that is to me true definition of yoga practice.