Devon Riley holding triangle pose

Devon Riley

I have been practicing yoga for twenty years, teaching for ten.

These days, my practice and teaching feel increasingly focused on conditions on the ground. What is here? In our bodies, seasons, communities; in our communications with ourselves and each other… What do we notice when we stay here? I find myself interested in therapeutics, balancing weight across joint spaces, and mindfulness as a tool for deconstructing privilege and furthering social justice. In all these areas, I am out on the edge of what I know, and I am curious about what will come next.

I think of the practice space – temporally and spatially – as a safe house. A place to test theories, do research, be vulnerable, compare notes, build habits that help us.

It is my dearest hope and my firm intention to be the sort of teacher who offers tools and experiences to help you make your path the one you learn from most.