Gina Kieval

With over 20 years experience studying and teaching various forms of movement disciplines, Gina is known for her soulful and empowering teaching style. She infuses her life long study of dance, Gyrotonic®, and qigong into a unique synthesis of yoga asana, meditation, and creative process. A former professional dancer, Gina initially started teaching Yoga through the volunteer organization, Living Yoga, a local nonprofit focused on bringing yoga to youth and adults in correctional facilities and drug treatment centers. She completed her 200hr certification in 2012. Gina brings to her classes her love of music as a ritual backdrop, kinesthetic awareness and structural integrity to cultivate both strength and a sense of freedom within each individual student’s capacity.

Gina continues to teach yoga in prisons. In 2015 she worked with the Daya Foundation to co-facilitate a 200hr teacher training at Oregon State Correctional Institute for inmates who are now Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers and are conducting weekly classes on the inside.  Gina also teaches Gyrotonic®, a unique movement method that’s designed to stimulate and open new neural pathways, increase range of motion, and improve strength and movement efficiency.

Gina’s classes focus on fluidity in asana, precision and subtlety of alignment, and a reverence for the body’s innate intelligence. She invokes a sense of artistry of movement and believes teaching is very much an experience of reciprocity. We come together to share a sacred space for a brief moment in time and there’s an exchange that happens…bodies moving in unison, yet in different individual rhythms, souls speaking their own private languages yet still connecting to something common.

One of Gina’s other passionate pursuits is Argentine Tango… aspiring yogi by day, tanguera and muse by night.  She also enjoys eating pie with her hubby and soaking in hot springs under the moonlit sky.

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