Jonathan Erickson

Jonathan began practicing yoga in 2001, and remembers his first class as a kind of homecoming. From the beginning he found the intersection of physical movement, conscious awareness and spirituality in yoga to be profoundly true and deeply healing.
Jonathan trained as a dancer in college and went on to become certified in massage and holistic bodywork at the Esalen Institute before becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2011 at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. His yoga training is rooted in the integrative teachings of Desikachar, which focuses on each student finding their own right way to practice, and also incorporates insights into mind and body from contemporary neuroscience and psychology.

He completed his master’s degree in somatic (mind-body) psychology in 2014 at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is now almost finished with a PhD in the same program. Jonathan’s yoga classes focus on developing deep body-awareness and balancing healthy self-challenge with excellent self self-care.