Julie Dusevoir

I first walked into a yoga studio in 1998 as a young elementary school teacher with an overactive mind. I loved spending an hour and a half devoting my full attention to my body, breath, mind, and heart. As a yoga teacher I think of myself as a completely regular person who is deeply immersed in the grit of daily life as a mother of three brilliant, active children. My yoga mat (and meditation cushion) is where I come to slow myself down, breathe, and feel. For me, yoga is the antidote to the numbness that comes with living a full life in a fast moving, over-stimulating world.

My classes are inspired by my experience of living in the real world, as well as my desire to look honestly at myself and my life. When we remove outer distractions and purposefully place our attention on our bodies and breath there is magic that can happen. Energies begin to shift, and there is an opportunity to soften into the present experience of being human.

I am a lover of music, mantra, meditation, flow, and fun. I incorporate these elements into my classes whenever appropriate. My background includes study in the styles of Hatha, Iyengar, and Power Yoga, and training in the Anusara school. Lately I find my heart resting in Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn’s “Lotus Flow” style. I completed my teacher training with Annie Adamson at Yoga Union and spent six months engaged in mentorship with Diana Hulet. I am currently working toward my 500 hour certification with Sianna Sherman”.It is my hope that, through the practices of yoga, we can be with our struggles, soften our hearts, move our bodies, and recommit to our lives off the mat, with honesty, courage, compassion, and love.