Molly Boeder Harris

Molly is a certified yoga instructor (E-RYT) who trained at YogaWorks in Los Angeles. After a few years of casual exploration, she became a dedicated yoga student in 2003, and began teaching in 2008. Her main influences include the teacher training faculty at yogaview in Chicago, along with her students and the discoveries she makes through her own practice. She has spent the last four years studying yoga under the guidance of seasoned instructor Kristin Laak, whose expansive teachings have informed the way she views yoga as a tool for mind, body and soul resilience. Molly found yoga to be a revolutionary practice for her own healing and integration of past trauma and has a special interest in working with the trauma survivor population. In addition to her public vinyasa classes, she offers trauma-informed yoga classes and workshops, and leads teacher trainings for yoga instructors seeking to make their classes more inclusive of trauma survivors. Molly has completed two years of the 3-year certificate training in Somatic Experiencing and she is the Founder and Executive Director of The Breathe Network, a nonprofit organization that connects survivors of sexual violence with sliding-scale, trauma-informed, holistic healers across the United States and Canada. Learn more and contact her by visiting her website at