Nancy Giardini

The magic of Yoga started to unfold for Nancy when she moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998. Realizing the powerful effects it was starting to have on her, she has never looked back and has practiced continuously since then. She feels yoga is a blessing and a challenge for anyone who is willing to take it on. Since adding yoga into her daily life, she feels that it has helped keep her grounded in difficult moments and allowed some iron walls to crumble within the psyche. Nancy believes that yoga calls people into it’s circle and allows them to find who they really are. It’s gates are open to all that need it. Her classes are a sacred space, open to all people regardless of race, gender classification or body type. She encourages non-judgement, laughter, open minds, open hearts and most of all: Not to take ourselves too seriously! Along with yoga, her other obsessions include: Primate studies, multi-cultural music, biking and writing poetry.