Somatic Synthesis: September 20th

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Yoga Foundations I: A Six-Week Series with Kate Busby

Yoga. You’ve wanted to try it but have felt intimidated at the thought of going to a drop-in class. Or maybe you’ve been practicing for a while and find yourself feeling a little lost because you never got a good handle on the basics. You might even be noticing that you’re not progressing much in your practice, or feel cautious about injuring yourself because you’re still not totally confident on your mat.

This series will thoughtfully and progressively teach you the essential elements of yoga, including the most common yoga poses, basic alignment and preliminary breathing techniques. You’ll also be introduced to yoga philosophy.

Learning is a process and there are lots of different learning styles. For this reason, we’ll have visual demonstrations, physical adjustments and lots of time for questions, all within a supportive atmosphere. At the end of the series, you’ll have the foundation you need to build an educated and empowered yoga practice.

***Students who want to keep learning in the series format can continue on to Foundations II, where we will continue to deepen, exploring more poses, breath techniques and possibilities. 

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