A Season of Change at The People’s Yoga

Summer. It is my time of joy. I wait all year for the return of the warmth and sun to run back to the rivers I love. On that first day, I return to my favorite spot, excited beyond measure, barely warm enough to swim, I meet my love anew. I investigate the changes the last eight months has had on the landscape of her. I find my favorite small square of sand, just perfectly shaped for my favorite beach blanket, is gone. The grass is taller, the rocks have shifted, and even the water flows at a different rate. And unlike change in life, where I find myself frightened, unsure, or nervous, even panicked, about what is to come, here, I easefully sink into acceptance and then delight, now on my new spot of sand, in the new movement of the current, and the new visitors I greet and share this precious place with, and all is well. So much change and yet I understand it’s necessity here in this place I covet. It is nature, and it is the embodiment of constant change.


When change arrives in our lives, we can experience an inherent resistance as the weighted comfort of what we’re accustomed to is not easily shed. But when we find ourselves seeded in new ground, we’re gifted the opportunity of discovering our ability to anchor anew, and to taste our elusive lightness of being, and ever deepen into our connection to our authentic selves as in nature.

As the summer season transitions us towards the sensation of warm evening breezes, days at the river, delicious frozen treats, and yoga outside, our yoga family at People’s is also embarking on a beautiful and fruitful rotation of change. 

Audra Carmine and Jessica Garay will be embarking on adventures beyond the studio to create something new for themselves. They’ve been a part of our family at People’s for many years, and while they will be missed, we’re delighted they will be pursuing their passions!

912A3106And just as what-is must transition to create space for the beauty of what-is-to-come, the People’s family is excited to be welcoming expanded insight, diversity, and energy to our teaching staff! 

Welcome guest teachers Sweethome Teacup, Stephanie Starnes, Emily Light, and Margo Kellison-Blackburn. 

Their combined 50+ years of teaching experience (that’s A LOT), infectious personalities, and mindful, skilled instruction makes each of them uniquely amazing.

Each of these ladies will be guest teaching in the next two weeks, to introduce themselves to you, our community, before finding their permanent home on our schedule. Your support and words of feedback will help us to create the next chapter of the Southeast People’s Yoga together.

Like a new season at our favorite river, a new teacher at your favorite yoga studio can bless you with a teaching that radically resonates through our soul, a new song to hum throughout our day, and a new way to be in our yoga practice and ourselves.

We’re excited to share People’s growing abundance and goodness with you, our members and students – the heart and soul of The People’s Yoga! 

Here’s to savoring the sweetness of summer’s transition, and to the harvest grown from our season of change!

~ Michelle

Read more about our amazing new guest teachers here:

SweethomeStretch1Sweethome Teacup is a Portland fixture and a tremendous gift to the practice of yoga. Her dedication to her practice, love of mantra and sound,  and 20 years of teaching experience is is awe inspiring. Visit her TONIGHT (Thursday) for the 5:45pm class. Read more on her website.

NewHeadShot1114small1-200x300Emily Light embodies her name. Steady, kind, with a background in yoga therapy and nutrition, she is the perfect yin and yang of depth and light. Visit her on Saturday at noon. Read more on her website.


1006055_10100488325598867_19782630_nStephanie Starnes is uniqueness personified. Her voice is angelic, her teaching fantastic, her hair and outfits? AMAZING! Visit her this Friday at 9:30am, this Sunday at noon, or next Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:30am. Watch this video to see and hear more!


margo_finals_0005FBMargo Kellison-Lightburn was my first yoga teacher in Portland 12 years ago. She is one of the kindess, sweetest souls I have ever know and fully hooked me on this thing called yoga. Her classes are upbeat, music-filled, challenging adventures of joy. Visit her Tuesday evening June 30th at 5:45pm, or Saturday July 4th at noon. Read more on her website.

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