Cultivating Presence

sitting meditation w sarahLately I find myself one or two finger typing, I am not a fan. So when I have time, one way I meditate is through remembering how to use cursive.

I believe that my sitting meditation tools help me remember; remember my inherent wakefulness, the beauty that we already are. I would like to share some of the ways I purposefully slow down to savor time, both formal techniques and informal.

Sort of like cursive, both formal and informal, our sessions together will have a formal gathering with the sun, helping to inspire the day’s start with presence. Purposefully paying attention to the earthly cycles of perfect imperfection, like cursive.

Homework: Consider an informal tool that cultivates being present.

Note: This blog was handwritten by Sarah and typed out by The People’s Yoga staff for easier consumption.

Sarah_headshots_278-214x300-e1423088175669Be sure to join Sarah Robinette for her Sitting Meditation Series starting on Monday, April 27th November 30th 6:30-7:30am. In this series, Sarah will focus on meditation as an antidote to stress, integrating formal meditation practice into daily life. Learn more or register now!



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