Curiosity Holds the Attention Steady

It seems like the attention can only be held by what she does not yet understand.  So key to the yogi skill of dharana (steady attention) is the willingness to consider that one might yet know it all.  There can be no curiosity or wonderment if we are bored.

The yogis have long suggested to let ourselves become the subject of study.  Perhaps start with taking a closer look at what your actual physical heart might look like.

Watch what the lungs look like as they inflate and deflate.

Let these visuals help tune you to the magic of your being.  Let yourself be amazed. We will explore the relationship between the breath, heart and awareness this weekend.

Learn more about Order of Love: A Weekend Workship with Kira Ryder taking place March 27-29th at The People’s Yoga NE Killingsworth studio.


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