Off the Mat, and On the Wall

IMG_0385Yoga and rock climbing are a natural match, both combining mindful movement and bringing focus to the present moment.

I began my own journey into rock climbing eight years ago, when my sister took me to the Portland Rock Gym while visiting from New York.  I had always been afraid of heights, and I thought that learning to climb would be a way of working through that fear.

On the wall, I’ve found that my yoga practice increases the awareness, flexibility, and strength of my movements, and observing my breath helps me to stay relaxed and mindful when fears arise. Yoga aids in the recovery of tired and sore muscles post-climbing and helps to keep the body in alignment.  Climbing has in turn added strength and confidence to my yoga practice when working with more demanding poses.

Both yoga and climbing involve moving out of your comfort zone and opening up to new possibilities. These practices build resiliency which translates into life situations and challenges both on and off of the mat and the rocks.

Climbing, like yoga, has introduced me to many new friends and taken me to some beautiful places around the world, including Smith Rock – world class climbing right here in Oregon!

I’m excited for Yoga + Rock Climbing at Smith Rock this summer to bring together two of my passions.  I invite you to join me whether you are curious to try rock climbing for the first time or you want to experience how yoga can take your climbing to the next level.

Backbend at Smith Rock


We’ll begin with a morning yoga practice to prepare the body and mind for climbing. From there we’ll take the practice onto the rocks. With professional guides, beginners will be shown the ropes and more experienced climbers can hone their skills.

Climb as much or as little as you like in a relaxed, supportive, and safe environment. We’ll end the day with a final yoga session to restore and unwind from climbing.

Smith Rock Climbing Guides will provide all necessary equipment; you are welcome to bring your own gear as well.

Registration closes Wednesday, June 24th. So click here to learn more or sign up now!

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