People of People’s July Edition: Erin O’Neill

EONeillHow long have you been practicing?
I’ve been athletic my whole life, and found my way into various yoga classes in that time. A decade ago, I got really committed to my practice, including a 6-month Ashtanga training intensive. Injuries ended up side-tracking me for a long spell, but I kept returning to yoga—and finally in 2011 or so, I found my way into Kate’s class at the People’s Yoga. Non-intimidating classes and a supportive community—my heart just blew up!

What brings you back to your mat day after day?
Yoga has been with me five days/week every week through some tough times over the past three years. I keep coming back for the stillness, to meet myself with grace and calm in the midst of the sh*tstorm of life.

How has your practice changed over time?
Over the years, my practice has evolved from a hyper-athletic, asana-focussed practice. I still love the intensely physical classes and am a regular at may Vinyasa classes in the NE studio, but I find my practice taking on a more spiritual tone and delving further into self-exploration as I move my body.

What do you love about the People’s Yoga?
There’s so much to love! All of the teachers leads inspiring and joyful classes. The NE studio is such a sweet sanctuary with the tall windows looking out on the tree across the street. That tree has become a part of my practice as I watch the seasons come and go. And then there’s the community. There’s something so powerful about practicing among a group of people day after day. There’s a connection there, even if you don’t talk to each other all the time. Recently I injured myself in class and the caring and concern of my fellow yogis was so amazing and supportive.

How does your practice influence your professional life?
I am a realtor and the service I bring my clients is very much in line with the presence that I cultivate on my mat. Finding a home is quite a journey and I guide clients with clear communication, integrity, and skillful knowledge of the market. The goal is to find a place where they can truly dwell in wellness, hence the name of my business, Dwellness. For more, look me up online at