September People of People’s: Mollie Guillemette

mollie-guillemetteThis month we’re featuring Mollie Guillemette, a regular on her mat, and at People’s Yoga.

How long have you been practicing? 
I started practicing yoga almost 20 years ago, when I was 13!

Why did you start?
There was an article in a magazine that showed how to do 5 poses and that was how I started. It was really simple, and for a while that was the extent of my practice: 5 poses on the floor of the bedroom I shared with my sisters. It was something that was just for me and I would find time when no one else was there to practice. Even in its simplicity, it was really nurturing to me, more than I even realized at the time.

How has your practice changed over time?
It has changed a lot, ebbing and flowing depending on where I was in my life. I’ve had some times when my practice was regular and intense, and others when it was something I picked up when I had time or the right mood. 
It’s looked different depending on what I’ve needed it to be in my life and that’s actually one of the things I really love about it.  Yoga is a way I care for myself and has served me greatly in its ability to meet my needs to the extent I need it to.  It can be a simple, nourishing place and I can also immerse myself in its depth and complexity.

What brings you back to your mat day after day?
In addition to what I said in the previous question, it’s a place of quiet and a place of acceptance.

How long have you been coming to People’s?
My family and I moved to Portland from an island up North just last autumn.  I had not been able to practice at a studio for a couple of years and was really looking forward to finding a place.  It was so great to find one in walking distance from my home.  I stopped into the studio in January to check it out and got a membership almost immediately.

What is your favorite thing about the People’s Yoga?
I love that it is so close to my house and that I see folks from my classes when I am out and about in the neighborhood.  It’s a lovely way to feel connected.  The teachers are also really great–they are knowledgable, passionate, and varied in what they bring to their classes.  I also really appreciate that it’s affordable.

Tell us something about your projects outside of the studio.
My husband and I publish an online quarterly for parents called Grounded Magazine (  It is about inspiring and nurturing parents.  I really love the space we are creating and I am excited about the community that is developing there. Getting to work creatively with people willing to invest and give to parents from their passions is enriching and a refreshing view of humanity.  Kelly Connor, one of the regular teachers at People’s, has put together meditations for two of our issues, further connecting my digital and yoga communities.