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Meet Daniela Molnar. Her work is currently on display at our SE Belmont studio. Please take a moment to soak in its beauty next time you’re at the studio. For now, read more about Daniela…

Daniela Molnar’s work focuses on plant forms and color, posing formal questions about the distinction between figure and ground and conceptual questions about the distinction between animate and inanimate. She works in a range of forms including art direction, design, a collaborative poetry/visual art project, writing, and painting.

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She is inspired by the philosophy of vital materialism (Jane Bennett), which imagines all things as “actants”: sources of action. Vital materialism asks if a human being is a singular noun or a collection of verbs. It asks the same of a plant, or a battery, or a teacup, or a painting.

She is a Trip Leader and Vice President of the Board for Signal Fire (, an organization that provides opportunities for artists to engage in the natural world. She is Art Editor of The Bear Deluxe Magazine, a publication devoted to exploring environmental issues through the arts, and Leaf Litter, Signal Fire’s art and literary journal.

She is a full time Assistant Professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she has been teaching undergraduate and graduate students about drawing, visual culture, critical theory, pedagogy, illustration, and creative writing since 2007.

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