Where are classes held?

Most of the teacher training classes will be held in our new 2nd Studio, just around the corner from our Killingsworth Studio. This is subject to change.
5428 NE 30th Ave. Portland, OR 97211

Are you Yoga Alliance Certified? Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of my training?

Since Yoga Alliance is not an actual certifying organization, only a for-profit business that offers a suggested teacher training outline and charges studios and teachers for yearly enrollment, we have chosen to not register with them and so are not currently Yoga Alliance Certified. That said, you will receive a Certificate from The People’s Yoga that states you have completed 200 hours of training, which is what most studios need to see that you have completed the required training to become a yoga teacher. If you have questions about potential employment and Yoga Alliance certification, we are happy to speak at greater length. Please email us!

How much is the training? Are there discounts or payment plans?

Please see the main Teacher Training page for up to date costs and early bird discounts (offered six months before you begin Anatomy). We can offer individual payment plans, but you must be paid in full before you begin the program. Limited scholarships are available for each training. Please inquire if needed.

What if I get sick and have to miss a class or two? Are there makeup classes?

You may not miss any classes during your training. In case of an emergency (sickness with a doctors note or a family emergency) you may work with the Teacher Training teachers to see which ways you may make up your class. This may mean attending a workshop, doing extra hours of homework, or a doing a book report of some sort. There is no guarantee that you will not have to pay for the makeup. If you miss a class because of any reason besides a family emergency or a serious sickness, you will have to pay for the makeup courses.

Do I need to have taken classes at your studio before applying?

Since you will be working with teachers that teach here, it is highly recommended that you take class with at least our Immersion teachers, and as many of the other teacher training teachers as you can, to encourage a good fit. That being said, we are open to all applicants, so if you are new to Portland or new to TPY, feel free to apply!

Do I need to be a member of The People’s Yoga to apply?

No.  Though again, we encourage you to become a member, so you can enjoy the benefits and discounted classes and workshops to accompany your training, it is not a requirement.

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