April People of People’s: Kevin LaChapelle

We’re bringing back the People of People’s Yoga feature in which we do short interviews
with those who regularly find their way onto their mats at our Studios.
Follow along to learn more about our extended community of yogis!
First up is Kevin LaChapelle, a regular at the SE Studio as well as a LKLaChapelleMT who practices
out of one of the massage rooms in the new SE space.

How long have you been practicing?
I have been practicing yoga since Winter Solstice 2012.
I visited the People’s Yoga on a 10-day pass during a 10-day winter
cleanse. I guess I enjoyed TPY so much that I became a membah!
I enjoy all the instructors and find TPY to be warm, inviting,
and accepting.

What brings you back to your mat day after day?
An Accident – knowing that we are never assured of the next
moment or the next breath.
An Idea – that we give ourselves a gift each time we snuggle
up onto our mat and make the effort to be fully present.
An Article – about the venerable Gao Fu.

What’s your favorite thing about the People’s Yoga?
I am inspired by and grateful for the other practitioners at TPY for making me smile, laugh,
and for sharing in the experience of “eating bitter” from time to time. I am quite grateful
for all the instruction and care that I have received. TPY is wicked awesome!

What are you up to off your mat?
Yoga helps keep me limbah and flexible for my co-ed softball team, indoor/outdoor basketball,
hiking, and cycling. I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland since 2007,
working both with acute/chronic injuries and simply for relaxation. I love yoga, massage therapy,
and smelling summer roses after they have been perched under the sun for hours.