People of People’s Yoga April Edition: Jeevan Singh!


Jeevan has been a member of the TPY community for two years. She spent the vast majority of that time helping us through cleaning trade for yoga.

“I love the philosophical aspect of yoga that I’m able to gain so much from each class and everything is so symbolic. These things that I learn about my body help me with other aspects of my life. Learning to move in my body helps me to learn to move in my mind. Yoga is really grounding for me and brings me back into myself and that benefits everything!”

Jeevan is also a talented musician and if she isn’t at The People’s Yoga she’s probably working on various creative projects. Recently she’s collaborating with Seth Neefus (Red Clouds Collective) on a folk music project called Old Friend. Jeevan and Seth will be playing at Valentine’s on April 24th with Alina Hardin and Ryan Francesconi!