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Top 50 Yoga Blogs

“Some people find peace in finding God, others in finding the self, yet others in exercise. But, there is one thing which has been a source of comfort and helped countless individuals recover: Yoga. This age old practice has the capacity to restore your confidence, physical health, and mental acuity to a great extent. It has especially helped thousands of people defeat their inner demons of self-doubt, depression, and other problems of the mind.

Even while practicing yoga, sometimes we feel the need to be inspired and following a blog is a step in the right direction. A good blog on yoga would have to be content focused, mystical but not outright intelligible, and they have to post regular content.”  – Rebateszone

We are grateful (and flattered) to be included as #9 in Rebateszone.com’s Top 50 Yoga Blogs list. Here at The People’s Yoga, we love digging in deeper and providing meaningful content for our yoga family. We believe that yoga is for everyone, and hopefully our blog articles inspire and make this practice a bit more accessible to our community. If you’re looking for some great yoga blogs to follow, check out this list:


Top yoga blogs


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